2012 Asphalt Paving Conference

Tuesday, February 14, 2014 (Day One)
PRE-CONFERENCE SESSION - Work Zone Traffic Control, Don Neary; NE LTAP
Opening Session
Welcome - Robert Rea, Assistant Materials & Research Engineer; NDOR
Petroleum Supply Outlook - Randy Canfield, Ergon, Inc.
National Progress Report - Margret Ceravech, National Asphalt Pavement Association
Breakout Sessions
Cornstalks to Asphalt (Bioasphalt) - Chris Williams, Iowa State University De-Icing Materials Performance Research - Barbara Gerbino-Bevins, NDOR
Warm Mix ASphalt & Safety Edge Research Update - Mat Beran, NDOR Asphalt from Roofs to Roads - Trey Bowen, Roofs 2 Roads
2010 Flood Damage and Emergency Repair Projects - Paul Kieper, NDOR LPA Division Bridge Deck Membranes - Mike Vigil, NDOR Bridge Division
Intelligent Construction Compaction - Tony Nieves, FHWA Innovations in Asphalt Equipment - Rose Equipment/NMC-Murphy Equipment
Equipment - Hamm
Wednesday, February 15, 2014 (Day Two)
General Session:
National Center for Pavement Preservation - Doyt Bolling; Michigan State University
Polymer Modifiers - Dr. Robert Klutz; Krayton Polymers
Project Showcase Nebraska Contractors - Werner Construction; Vontz Paving
Nebraska Research Program - Jodi Gibson; NDOR
Construction Insurance Risk Management - Clyde Wilburger; Harry A, Koch Co.
Update on Nebraska Asphalt - Robert Rea; NDOR
State of the State - Monty Fredrickson, NDOR; Joseph Werning, FHWA
Awards Lunch
Joe Werning, FHWA; Monty Fredrickson, NDOR; Robert Rea, NDOR; Andy Dearmont, NDOR
Closing Video