2014 MINK

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
The Three T's: Tech Transfer, Testimony & Teaching
Tom Mulinazzi, University of Kansas, Retired
Status of Developing Local Safety Plans
Nicole Fox, Iowa DOT; Larry Legg, NDOR; and Ron Seitz, KDOT
Good Relationships with Government Officials
Paul Assman, Crawford County, IA and Wad Weiss, Green County, IA
Motorgrader Training - Best Practices
Dale Dorsch, KS & NE LTAP; Nate Hoeckelman, NE LTAP; Linda Webb, MO; and Chris Archer, IA
Handouts not available.
Element Level Bridge Inspection
Paul Assman, Crawford County, IA and Steve Toillion, FHWA - KS Division
Assman Handout
Toillion Handout
MINK Dinner followed by open discussion
Facilitated by Eric Deitcher, FHWA - KS Division
Handouts not available.
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Bridge Deck Overlay Options
Dave Meggers, KDOT
Intelligent Soil Stabilization: Broom Finish Roller Compacted Concrete
Richard Mfuko & Mike Payne, Andale Paving/Ready Mix
OSHA Compliance - Best Practices
Michael Raner, NWI SHIELD Director/Trainer
Asset Management and Other Uses of the iPad
Damion Pregitzer & Ben McConille, City of Ames, IA
"Better Mouse Trap" Innovations and Program Status
Facilitated by Megan Patent-Nygren, Nebraska LTAP
Build a Better
Mouse Trap Booklet