2014 NACO Summer Meeting

The 2014 Summer meeting of the Nebraska Association of County Engineers, County Highway Superintendents and County Surveyors was held June 11-12 in North Platte, Nebraska.  Thank you to the many sponsors that made this event possible.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Legislative Updates
Larry Dix, NACO Executive Director
Handouts not available.
Natural Disaster Emergencies
Tim Baxter, NIRMA Road & Safety Loss Prevention
Violence in the Workplace
Mike Murrell, FEMA Certified Instructor
Sexual Harassment (Hostile Work Environment)
Mike Murrell, FEMA Certified Instructor
Bridge Inspection Issues
Steve Andersen & Babrak Niazi, NDOR Bridge Division
Handouts not avaialble.
NBIS - National Bridge Inspection Standards
David Mraz, FHWA - Division Bridge Engineer
Review of Labor Laws, Hiring Practices, & Construction Contractors
Stan Zimbleman, Law Labor Specialist, NDOL
CDL Rules and Regulations
Chad Engle, NIRMA Loss Prevention/Safety Specialist
General Status Updates for LPA's
Larry Legg, NDOR Local Projects Engineer
Update on 3R Standards
Roger Figard, Chair and LeMoyne Shulz, Secretary,
Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classification & Standards
Thursday, June 12, 2014
Reporting Rural Incidents
Captain Williams, NSP Troop D
Handouts not available.
Evidence Collecting & Trash Dumping
Roland Kramer, Lincoln County Sheriff's Department
Handouts not available.
Working with Union Pacific
Kelli O'Brien, Director of Public Affairs - IA, NE, Union Pacific
Handouts not available.
Railroad Tracks and Crossing Safety
Pat Leahy, Operation Lifesaver
Handouts not available.
New Phases of Business Operations
Nicole Frankl, Nebraska LTAP Director