2016 Local Roads Conference

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
8:00-8:15 Welcome, Announcements & Introductions
8:15-8:45 Geogrid Stabilization Basics
Scott Whaley, Tensar
Nick Nuttbrock, Tensar
Tensar Geogrid Video Page
8:45-9:15 "You Show Us" Awards
Nöel Clocksin, SDDOT
9:15-9:45 Break and Exhibit Booth Visits
9:45-10:45 Preserving our Asphalt Roadways
Stu Zick, Jebro, Inc.
Video Not Available
10:45‑11:30 Communicating about Local Road Safety with Local Elected Officials
Rosemarie Anderson, FHWA Office of Safety
Handout Not Available
Link to Videos and Accompanying Information
FHWA Local Safety Web Site
Federal Aid Essentials Videos
11:30-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:00 Culvert Basics & Culvert Slip Lining
Dale Heglund, ND LTAP
Al Lee, Subsurface, Inc.
Heglund Handout
Lee Handout
2:00-2:45 Load Securement & CDL Requirements
Sgt. Kelly Stern, SD Highway Patrol
Trooper Kevin Moser, SDHP

Load Securement Handout
CDL Handout

Asphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association Seminars
Jonathan Pease, ARRA
2:45-3:15 Break and Exhibit Booth Visits
3:15-4:15 Round Robin Tire Basics
Kevin Jacobs, Bridgestone
Aaron Brown, Bridgestone
4:15-5:00 Equipment Contract - Legal Aspects
Aaron Birst, NDACo Legal Counsel
5:30-8:00 Dinner, provided
Exhibit Booth Visits
Thursday, October 20, 2016
8:00-9:00 Traffic Incident Management
Megan Patent-Nygren, NE LTAP
Videos Not Available
9:00-9:30 Resource and Partnership Opportunities
Denise Brown, National LTAP Association
Greg Vavra, SD LTAP, NACE Member
Brown Handout
Vavra Handout
9:30-10:00 Break & Exhibitor Booth Visits
10:00‑10:45 Extending 3R Standards to County Systems
Dennis Smith, NE LTAP
LeMoyne Schulz, NDOR
10:45-11:30 WY Research: Local Road Safety Plan
Trenna Terrill, WY T2/LTAP Center
ND Geogrid Demo Project
Curt Glasoe, NDLTAP
Bryan Haugenoe, Divide County, ND
Gravel Crushing Specs for Counties
Steve Monlux, LVR Consultants, MT
Adam Smith, Richland County, MT
Gravel Specifications Handout
11:30-12:00 Conference Wrap Up & Door Prizes