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Library Item NumberTitle
DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
2-1 Aesthetic Bridge Rails and Guardrails
Examples of scenic roadway rails and guardrails showing crash tests.
8 min.. ? VCR
2-2 Bridge Deck Overlays
This video uses a 4-step process to describe bridge deck rehabilitation.
19 min.. 1994 VCR
2-3 Bridge Evaluation and Posting
Bridge components and inspection standards, bridge deficiencies and deterioration, forces and material properties affecting strength, bridge posting and permitting process, and bridge management.
Source: FHWA
38 min. 1993 VCR
YouTube (Longer version)
2-4 “Bridges Unbroken”, Inspection of Timber Piling
Non-destructive method. Ultrasonic testing of in-place wood piling.
20 min. 1990 VCR
2-5 Inspection of Pin and Link, Details on Bridge Structures
This tape will aid the bridge inspector with helpful tips on the pin and link bridge. Subjects include tools, corosion, warping, fatigue cracks, and comparing bridge to “as built” specifications.
Source: FHWA
20 min. ? VCR
2-6 Introduction to Inspection of Bridges
Inspection of steel truss bridges, timber bridges, and pre-stressed concrete inspection.
Source: FHWA
3 hrs. ? VCR
2-7 Bridge Installation
This video shows the installation of a bridge at Valparaiso, NE in Saunders County, using the Parallam Stress T System. It also describes the treated wood strand beams and how these wood products are made.
Source: Hughes Brothers
12 min. ? VCR
2-8 Concrete Bridge Deck Repair
Good deck repair is accomplished by using the proper equipment, tools, and procedures.
Source: International Road Federation
18 min. 1985 VCR
2-9 Concrete Bridge Railings
AASHTO guidelines for concrete bridge railings based on crash tests using cars, pickup trucks, buses, and large trucks on thrie types of guardrails-concrete, modified thrie beam, and cable. Recent research methods provide the performance levels of the various types of these guardrails. This video also covers the different shapes of concrete guardrails, the transitions and terminals of the modified thrie beam and cable guardrails, and the advantages of cable guardrails over other types.
Source: FHWA
35 min. ? VCR
2-10 Cleaning and Clearing of Bridges
Discusses the proper cleaning and clearing procedure of bridges which must be performed regularly and before structural inspections. The video shows an 8-step process.
Source: Utah DOT
13 min. 1989 VCR
2-11 Expedited Bridge Deck Replacement Project
Effective rehabilitation of bridge decks including demolition, and reconstruction.
38 min. Year VCR
2-12 Hardwood Anyone?
Shows the use of hardwood for bridges.
10 min. Year VCR
2-13 Modern Timber Bridges — A New Return for Old New England
Discusses how replacing concrete and steel bridges by constructing timber bridges is more efficient because it is cheaper, faster, lasts longer and less maintenance.
16 min. Year VCR
2-14 Timber Bridge #2
Hardwood is a renewable resource being used to construct modern timber bridges. This video follows the construc-tion steps used to build a glue laminated hardwood bridge. The topics covered include; design, research, selection of materials, fabrication, construction, and final evaluation.
Source: PennDOT
28 min. ? VCR
2-15 Modern Timber Bridges — A Hall County Nebraska Example
The video documents construction of a modern stress-lam-inated timber bridge recently completed near Grand Island, Nebraska, and discusses the advantages/disadvantages of us-ing wood in modern timber bridge design and construction.
15 min. ? VCR
2-16 Timber Bridges: Build Better and Save With Modern Timber Bridges
Discusses the design, fabrication and installation of timber bridges along with the transportation effects, maintenance and economics of these bridges.
22 min. ? VCR