Culvert Installation and Maintenance for Local Agencies

Through a partnership with MN LTAP, NE LTAP is able to offer this online course.

In this online course, students will learn about the purpose of well-designed, well-built, and well-maintained culverts. The course also highlights the important role culverts play in the drainage system and why proper design, installation, and maintenance are essential for well-performing culverts. The course will provide students with a basic understanding of the principles of culvert theory, design, location, planning, scheduling. permitting, and typical installations. It also outlines culvert inventory, inspection, repair, and rehabilitation methods.

The course is made up of six lessons, each containing a narrated presentation, video clips, reading, opportunities to check your understanding, and a quiz.

NE LTAP will assist local public agency employees in signing up for the course, and the $65 basic registration fee will be covered by the Workforce Development Program (WFD does not cover the certificate charge).

LTAP Contact

Phyllis Schwab

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to culverts: principles and basic understanding
  • Culvert theory
  • Culvert installation planning
  • Common culvert installations
  • Trenchless installation
  • Repair and rehabilitation methods
  • Inventory, inspection, and maintenance