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DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
5-1 Culverts and Catch Basins
Proper procedures for manual cleaning of lined ditches, cul-verts, and catch basins are demonstrated in this videotape. Procedure consists of placing traffic signs, assigning the work, removing and disposing of all debris and obstruct-ions, inspecting for damage, minor repairs, cleaning work-site, and removing traffic signs.
16 min. ? VCR
5-2 Creating Meadows Through Road Maintenance and Construction
Discusses a technique using culverts in providing for an increase in the water table and reducing erosion in order for a healthy meadow after road construction has taken place.
Source: USDA
8 min. 1996 VCR
5-3 Improved Inlets for Highway Culverts
Demonstrations of culvert efficiency through models for inlet and outlet design. Sizing inlets for economy. An informative tape on culvert hydraulics.
Source: FHWA
17 min. ? VCR
5-4 Drainage Pipe Installation
Covers proper methods of excavating, compacting and fill-ing of pipe installations. Shows demonstration of proper compaction.
17 min. ? VCR
5-5 Energy Dissipators for Highway Structures
Methods to dissipate water flow energy at culverts.
Source: FHWA
9 min. ? VCR
5-6 The Importance of Roadway Drainage
A discussion of advantages relating to roadway drainage by engineers.
Source: Vermont LTAP
60 min. 1990 VCR
5-7 Importance of Road Drainage
Drainage and drainage system inspection.
Source: FHWA
19 min. ? VCR
5-8 Mechanical Cleaning of Unlined Ditches
This provides a review of ditch structure and its function, and selection of the type of equipment to be used (motor grader or excavator) depending on ditch conditions. Also covered are planning the job, setting traffic controls, clean-ing ditch and adjacent culvert inlets and outfalls, disposing of unwanted material, cleaning the site, inspecting the job, and removing traffic control devices.
Source: International Road Federation
20 min. 1985 VCR
5-9 Mustang Grease and Sludge Jetters
Promotional tape describing this drain cleaning machine.
Source: Source
13 min. ? VCR