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Library Item NumberTitle
DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
7-1 Allied Hy-Ram
Shows the various size hydraulic breakers and backhoes, the advantages, uses, ease of mounting, and cost effective re-sults of using machinery mounted breakers.
11 min. ?? VCR
7-2 Articulated Loader Safety
Discusses proper operation and maintenance of articulated loaders.
19 min. ?? VCR
7-3 Advanced Motor Grader Techniques
Tips for motor grader operators in general road maintenance, ditching and reshaping roads.
Source: Caterpillar
14 min. ?? VCR
7-4 Backhoe Loader-310C John Deere
Promotional tape describing this machine.
Source: John Deere
8 min. ?? VCR
7-5 Chalmers 800 Series Rubber Spring Suspension
Describes the uses, advantages, and cost effectiveness of a very tough suspension system for heavy duty trucks.
8 min. ?? VCR
7-6 Down is Up
Down time is expensive. Video stresses the importance of preventive maintenance.
20 min. ?? VCR
7-7 Driver Daily Maintenance of Light Vehicles
Pickups are an important link between the office and job site. Procedures relating to the general maintenance of these vehicles are described.
18 min. ?? VCR
7-8 Equipment Maintenance — Programming and Scheduling
Maintenance and repair of equipment is a team effort. Also discussed are continuous equipment checks, maintenance performed on a schedule, and timely repairs being performed after a breakdown.
46 min. ?? VCR
7-9 Basic Excavator Operating Tips
General safety, walk-around, getting started, trenching, loading, lifting, and shutdown.
Source: Caterpillar
24 min. ?? VCR