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An annual training event focused on concrete paving with topics for all aspects of the transportation concrete industry.
Asphalt overlay on a city street
An annual conference showcasing technology and products in the asphalt industry.
This is a two-day event featuring presentations by industry leaders covering a range of topics from record keeping to maintenance and inspections.
These events, usually one in the winter and one in the summer, cover changes in policy, and serve as refresher courses for the logistics of running state highways.
This annual conference brings local, county and state road officials from Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas together for a two day conference covering administrative, safety, maintenance and funding topics.
This annual conference is cohosted by the Nebraska LTAP, the NDOT and the BIA Winnebago Agency. Topics include needs, projects and programs in the various tribal areas of Nebraska.
This annual conference brings LTAP and road officials in the region together for a three day idea exchange. Topics covered range from winter survival to bridge maintenance.
The Nebraska Winter Maintenance Workshop provides and informative and fun atmosphere to compete and learn critical maintenance skills.
This 3-day conference brings together NDOT construction administration professionals, Construction Engineering Consultants, and Contractors to communicate construction industry trends, specification updates, new technology, policies and procedures, and project related topics.