Legal Issues

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DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
8-1 Construction Work Zone Liability
Have your work zone properly prepared and well signed.
17 min. ? VCR
8-2 Caution: Litigation Ahead: The Road to Risk Management
The purpose of this presentation is to motivate state and local highway officials to implement effective risk manage-ment programs to improve highway safety and mitigate the risk of tort liability. "An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of litigation."
25 min. ? VCR
8-3 Claims, Pains and Automobiles
A mock trial involving municipal roads and tort liability
41 min. ? VCR
8-4 The Deposition
Giving a deposition is an important part of the legal pro-cess and can't be taken lightly. This video explains the purpose of the deposition, who is present at the deposition, how to respond to the attorney's questions, and the types of questions asked.
17 min. 1991 VCR
8-5 How to Give a Deposition
Gives a brief overview of how to give a deposition
17 min. 1991 VCR
8-6 Extra Eyes for Maintenance
Because the tort problem is so severe, all street and high-way employees are urged to actively help reduce tort liabil-ity by acting as "extra eyes" to aid maintenance. This video discusses several high risk exposure conditions and how to recognize, locate, and report them.
32 min. 1988 VCR
8-7 Local Government on Trial, Part I - The Background
Describes the various aspects of a court case, how it proceeds from the time of the accident, through the complaint discovery process, the courtroom proceedings and jury decisions.
41 min 1995 VCR
8-8 Local Government on Trial, Part II - The Trial
A mock trial involving local government sued because of a highway accident in Pennsylvania. Defines practices and terms commonly used in an accident investigation trial which include; unsafe signing and markings, line striping, edge drop-off, shoulder paving, driving safety and safety hazards.
90 min. 1995 VCR
8-9 Project Documentation
Discussion on how careful documentation prevents errors and legal conflicts in the project.
10 min. ? VCR
8-10 Tort Liability - A New Perspective
This video discusses the importance of keeping roads safe as pertaining to liability of federal, state, and local government bodies.
20 min. ? VCR
8-11 Torts are Everybody's Business
Any employee of a highway or street department can find themselves in a law suit. This video gets employees to think about their job responsibility and torts.
5 min 1992 ?
8-12 The Transportation Employee as a Witness
This video describes basic courtroom procedures for an employee that is called as a witness. Topics include preparing for court, giving a deposition, proper appearance and behavior, and giving accurate information during examination.
24 min. 1990 VCR