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DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
9-1 Best Defense is a Good Road
Discusses the importance of good road keeping.
17 min. ? VCR
9-2 Emergency Relief
Discusses the necessary steps to obtain emergency relief from the federal government in case of a disaster.
17 min. ? VCR
9-3 Implementing an Equipment Management System
Explains the steps necessary to implement and administer an efficient equipment management system.
40 min. ? VCR
9-4 Vehicle Fleet Management
The how and why of setting up an automated equipment management system.
18 min. ? VCR
9-5 Future Highway Program
Discusses a 9-step future highway plan along with other tasks that congress is involved with.
12 min. ? VCR
9-6 Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center
Describes HITEC's organization and procedures.
13 min. ? VCR
9-7 Nuclear Gauge Overview for Supervisors
Includes principles of operation, safety aspects, licensing requirements, periodic maintenance and documentation of the two different models of nuclear gauges discussed.
22 min. ? VCR
9-8 Pavement Management Systems for Local Administrators
Provides information on starting a pavement management system. Gives benefits of a pavement management system. Discusses a pavement management system which includes highway inventory, pavement condition survey, analysis of repair needs, ranking of needs and strategy and cost analysis.
17 min, ? VCR
9-9 Road Maintenance Cost Analysis - Parts I-IV
Analysis of costs relating to the purchase of equipment, maintenance operation, and deferred maintenance. Also included is how to present data to county commissioners or city councils.
40-50 min. ? VCR
9-10 Rad Management Systems
Explains the advantages of a pavement management system and introduces two pavement management programs developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Paver and Micro-Paver.
6 min. ? VCR
9-11 Road Repair: Do the Right Thing at the Right Time
This video discusses the causes and consequences of pavement break up, how rehabilitation decisions are made, and the rehabilitation alternatives. Also covered is a cost bene-fit comparison of the rehabilitation choices.
22 min. 1991 VCR
9-12 Rural Roads - A New Approach
Video gives some ideas on solving problems on rural roads with help from Technology Transfer Centers.
30 min. ? VCR
9-13 Roadway Design: Balancing Safety, Environment and Cost
This video provides an overview of three important factors to be considered when constructing or rebuilding a roadway-Safety, Environmental Protection, and Cost.
13 min. ? VCR
9-14 Equipment Management Systems
A helpful aid in setting up an EMS for your establishment.
18 min. ? VCR
9-15 Strategic Planning for State and Local Transportation Agencies
Getting better acquainted with strategic planning, addressing critical issues, political processes, what is possible, what is not desirable, and how to implement strategic planning are areas discussed in this video.
51 min. ? VCR
9-16 SHRP
A look at the development and implementation of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and the highway maintenance and construction products it has help-ed to develop. The video covers a number of these products.
9 min. 1993 VCR
9-17 Subsurface Utility Engineering - A Proven Solution
This video shows how subsurface engineering can save money and time.
16 min. ? VCR
9-18 Training: The Obscured Advamtage
Video explains the need for training, especially new employees, and how your Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) can assist.
6 min. ? VCR
9-19 Tribal Transportation Planning
A vision of a better transportation plan.
15 min. ? VCR
9-20 Access Management
Case histories and procedures involved in instituting access management.
18 min. ? VCR
9-21 Maintenance Management System
Describes the steps necessary to implement and maintain an efficient street and highway maintenance program.
35 min. ? VCR