Library Item NumberTitle
DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
10-1 Can a PC Help You
Video explains some of the advantages of personal computers for highway and street departments.
30 min ? VCR
10-2 Commentary Driving

1:21 min ? VCR
10-3 The Idea Store, First Edition
This video offers some new ideas on maintenance, engineering, communication, equipment, administration, training, and safety.
8 min ? VCR
10-4 The Idea Store, Second Edition
Video offers an easy way to change blades on a motor grader and explains how to figure your gravel loss and other useful ideas.
13 min ? VCR
10-5 The Idea Store, Third Edition
This video offers ideas on blade lifts for snow plow blades and how to retain stream banks.
31 min ? VCR
10-6 The Idea Store, Vol. 4-8
New ideas from state DOT's dealing with safety, communications and equipment that will aid highway and street departments. Addresses and telephone numbers are supplied for further information or if you want to submit your own idea.
10 min. 1990-93 VCR
10-7 Pavement Structure Repair Techniques
Video contains 5-parts. They include maintenance of gravel roads, ditch maintenance, pothole patching, crack sealing and basic traffic control.
88 min. ? VCR
10-8 The Pen-DOT Advantage
Recruitment of qualified, dedicated civil engineers by providing an informational video.
10 min ? VCR
10-9 Parts Unknown
Discusses the need for good costumer relations by Caterpillar dealer parts department.
26 min ? VCR
10-10 Subsurface Utility Engineering: A Technology for the 90s
New technology to help locate and insure location of utilities.
13 min ? VCR
10-11 Shooting Good Video
Describes how to use equipment to shoot video that is better than just home vdeo.
8 min ? VCR
10-12 Training the Trainer
Turning field experts into experts in the classroom.
32 min ? VCR
10-13 Utah DOT, Numbers 1-8
This is an in-depth video series that covers topics like equipment maintenance, safety and servicing. Other topics include heavy equipment operations.
Varies ? VCR
10-14 Utility Cuts in Paved Rural Roads
This video addresses the problems with making utility cuts in paved roads and looks at ways local agencies can improve utility cut methods and management.
41 min. ? VCR
10-15 Why Jorgensen?
Description of Roy Jorgensen Associates, Inc., expertise in engineering and communications.
10 min. ? VCR
10-16 Common Maintenance Problems and Causes
Presentation covers maintenance problems on pavement surfaces, road bases and sub bases, earth and gravel roads, shoulder drainage facilities, bridges, and roadside areas. Program identifies main causes of problems, and guides participants to do the maintenance work.
21 min ? VCR
10-17 The Hidden Danger, Low Water Crossings
Documentary on low water crossings.
9 min ? VCR
10-18 Walk
This video discusses building a walkable community by planning for the pedestrian, including safety considerations for traffic and pedestrian cooperation.
12 min ? VCR