NDOR Maturity Method Field Monitoring

This certification is required to all personnel who are monitoring the maturity meter for accepting testing. The maturity method is a simple technique for predicting concrete strength in lieu of conventional cylinders. Certification is required of all individuals utilizing the maturity method. Individuals certified for NDOR Maturity Method Field Monitoring will know the basic use and terminologies associated with the maturity method. They will have the knowledge and tools available to them for the installation of wires, monitoring concrete placement temperatures, calculating the Time-Temperature-Factor and documentation of data.

Certification Duration: 5 Years

Individuals that have already taken the “NDOR Maturity Method Field Monitoring” certification training do not need to take the web based course. Check RUG or SiteManager to if you’ve already received the “Maturity Method Field Monitoring” certification. If you have questions about tracking this certification, please contact Site Manager Materials Staff at Dor.sitemanagermaterials@nebraska.gov, or 402-479-4760.

This online course includes a series of presentations and quizzes that an applicant must successfully complete in order to print off their re-certification certificate. You can self-enroll, and there is no cost. You will need to create an account with a valid email address. Course Link: http://campus.extension.org/course/view.php?id=729.