Road Vista 922 RetroReflectometer

LTAP currently has a RoadVista 922 RetroReflectometer. These were purchased by NDOR's High Risk Rural Roads Program so reporting how the equipment was used may be required as a part of the lending agreement.

The standard lending agreement is two weeks. LTAP staff will work with you to arrange pick-up or delivery to get the equipment to you and as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

In case of damaged equipment, the borrowing agency is responsible for the cost to return the equipment to operating condition. If an item is stolen, the borrowing agency must provide a copy of the police report regarding the theft as well as any additional documentation. For lost items, the borrowing agency is responsible for replacement costs.

RoadVista 922 RetroReflectometer

The RoadVista 922 RetroReflectometer is a handheld device that measures retroflection of road signs and other materials. It can be an important piece of complying with an MUTCD-required sign assessment and management program. It has a built-in GPS and a barcode reader.

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Nebraska LTAP Contact for this program: Megan Patent-Nygren