Roads (General)

Library Item NumberTitle
DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
12-1 Base and Sub-Base Repair
Outlines 9-step base repair system.
16 min. 1989 VCR
12-2 Chip Seal Coat Inspections
Video includes equipment and materials used in chip seal coats, and also the steps involved in chip seal coats.
10 min. N/A VCR
12-3 Chip Seal Application Parts 1-3
This 3-part video looks at preliminary concerns, materials, equipment, application rates, chip seal procedures and chip seal problems.
40 min. N/A VCR
12-4 Guidelines for Spring Highway Use
Explains how restricting truck loads in spring (spring thawing allows water to get in pavement and cause cracking) is the best way to prevent pavement cracking. Also gives guidelines for determining these restriction.
26 min. 1989 VCR
12-5 Innovative Pavement Maintenance Technology
Video report on spray injection pavement patching.
5 min. 1998 VCR
12-6 LVR Handbook (Low Volume Roads)
Explains the practices and elements of low volume roads from Kansas DOT.
30 min. N/A VCR
12-7 Pothole Repair
Equipment, materials and procedures used in pothole repair are shown.
12 min. 1989 VCR
12-8 Pothole Repair in Surface Treatment pavement
Video clearly outlines an 8-step procedure for surface treated road repairs.
14 min. N/A VCR
12-9 Potholes - Causes, Cures and Prevention
Discussion of the causes and conditions necessary for a pot-hole to develop, and proper drainage and procedures for repair.
17 min. 1989 VCR
12-10 Potholes - Causes, Cures and prevention (Condensed Version)

10 min. 1989 VCR
12-11 Petromat (AMOCO)
Discusses uses and installation of AMOCO Petromat fabric under pavement.
15 min. N/A VCR
12-12 QPR 2000 Cold Patch
Discusses QPR 2000 which can be used to repair potholes very efficiently in any kind of climate.
7 min. N/A VCR
12-13 Repair of Depressions, Rutting and Corrugations.
Video presents a basic method for repairing rutted, corrugated, and depressed road surfaces. Covered are steps to fill in low areas with asphalt concrete, and to overlay with a wearing course. Program describes how to use this method with a motor grader in eight work steps.
14 min. 1989 VCR
12-14 Improving American Roads Through International Technology
Innovative technology used world wide that is being applied to American roads.
12 min. 1989 VCR
12-15 Mini Roundabouts - Getting them Right
An in-depth tape including description, design and application of roundabouts.
4 hours N/A VCR
12-16 Single and Multiple Surface Treatments
Course covers good surface treatments on paved and un-paved roads.
14 min. 1989 VCR
12-17 Transverse Cracking Pavements Perennial Problem
Describes the causes, cures, equipment, materials, and procedures for repairing transverse cracking.
13 min. 1989 VCR
12-18 Truck Impact on Pavement
Acquaints pavements managers with factors that affect different pavements due to truck loading.
1988 VCR
12-19 Weather and Loads: The Effect they have on Roads
Explanation of how weather and loads lead to the deterioration of roads. Topics include basic road design, road fatigue, and the effects of loads. Also covered are the bene-fits of tandem axle loading, effects of the spring thaw, restricting load limits and pavement planning factors.
17 min. 1991 VCR
12-20 Preventative Maintenance (FHWA)
This video highlights the need for strategic planning and the need to apply the right treatment to the right road at the right time.
30 min. N/A VCR