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Digital Resource Alberta Construction Safety Association: PPE - An Overview of the Basics 15.5 min. 2012 YouTube
Digital Resource YouTube Topic Page on PPE Many videos N/A YouTube
14-1 Backing
Precautions to be considered when backing trucks or equipment.
13 min. N/A VCR
14-2 Bypass Start - The Deadly Shortcut
Video discusses the hazards of by-passing and starting equipment from the ground.
3 min. N/A VCR
14-3 COBRA Electronics - Safety Alerts
Discusses the COBRA brand of early warning radar transmitters for road hazards and emergency vehicles.
12 min. N/A VCR
14-4 Emergency Notification Systems
Describes the Mayday Emergency Response System.
10 min. N/A VCR
14-5 First Step to Safety
Examines ways to recognize hazards and ways to eliminate them before they cause an accident.
11 min. N/A VCR
14-6 Fit for the Road
Video has information for examining physicians, informing them of physical and emotional demands placed on commercial motor vehicle drivers.
20 min. N/A VCR
14-7 The Hazards of Hurry
Explains how haste creates safety problems in the operation of a backhoe.
21 min. N/A VCR
14-8 Highway Safety Program
This shows the highway improvements that promote safety.
30 min. N/A VCR
14-9 It Always Happens to the Other Guy
Depicts the attitude that accidents and injuries always happen to the other guy.
20 min. N/A VCR
14-10 Idea Store, Vol. 9
Provides information on backing accidents.
7 min. N/A VCR
14-11 IRF Jobsite Safety
The installation, inspection and maintenance of work safe control devices.
14 min. N/A VCR
14-12 L-P Gas: Know the Facts
Focuses on the proper handling and use of liquid petroleum gas.
11 min. N/A VCR
14-13 Looking Back
This video stresses personal safety while operating or working around heavy equipment.
18 min. 1992 VCR
14-14 Multiple choice - Causes of Serious Accidents in Heavy Equipment Operation
Recreates six different accidents and asks multiple choice questions in what could have prevented them.
14 min. N/A VCR
14-15 Incident Management System: Safety and Efficiency for All of Us
Provides information on responding to traffic accidents safely and efficiently by planning ahead, improving response time, and equipment management.
17 min. N/A VCR
14-16 Motor Grader Safety
An excellent short tape on motor grader safety, including maintenance and operation.
32 min. N/A VCR
14-17 Pedestrian Safety: What you can do
Gives the three-Es that can be applied to pedestrian safety: Education, Engineering and Enforcement.
9 min N/A VCR
14-18 Right-of-Way Moving Safety
Equipment inspection and maintenance; tractor and mower safety; and mowing techniques are all discussed.
25 min. N/A VCR
14-19 Shake Hands with Danger
Use of proper maintenance procedures.
23 min. N/A VCR
14-20 Split Second Decision
Should I pass or not? Emphasizes proper road markings.
11 min. N/A VCR
14-21 Split Seconds, Split Lives
Told through interviews with victims and their survivors, four tragic accidents that occurred to operators of heavy equipment are illustrated and the effects of these accidents explained.
23 min. N/A VCR
14-22 Sharing the Road
Video describes the efforts of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and the Motor Carrier Assistance Program (MCSAP) to provide a nation-wide, uniform commercial vehicle and driver safety inspection program.
15 min. N/A VCR
14-23 Transport Trailer Safety
This video presents safe loading, unloading and tie-down procedures for transporting equipment.
25 min. N/A VCR
14-24 Safety Training for Repair Technicians
Safety concerns in equipment repair situations. This video discusses the three major equipment repair related injuries-eye, hand, and back injuries.
25 min. N/A VCR
14-25 Walking Through the Years
Consists of 5-parts of pedestrian safety which are: Wait for the fresh signal, conspicuity, parking lots, turning vehicle speed advice and right turn on red.
12 min. N/A VCR
14-26 V-Loc
Discusses safe post installation, replacement procedures and cost effectiveness.
10 min. N/A VCR