Stabilization/Dust Control

Library Item NumberTitle
DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
16-1 CaC12 Dust Control Comparison
Examines how to maintain roads with calcium chloride, its effectiveness, application and cost of various dust suppressant products.
20 min. 1987 VCR
16-2 Dust Control
Using liquido calcium chloride to control dust and reduce maintenance costs.
16 min. 1995 VCR
16-3 Lime, The Versatile Stabilizer in Construction
Discusses the advantages in the use of lime as a stabilizer in construction, and the proper procedures and equipment to use.
26 min. 1989 VCR
16-4 Perma-Zyme
Use of enzymes as road stabilizer.
26 min. N/A VCR
16-5 Resin Modified Emulsion
Gives information on resin modified emulsion, concentrating mainly on its bonding strength. Also talks a little about its use for dust control. Emphasizes that it is a cost effective service and performance.
26 min. 1994 VCR
16-6 Stabilization
Examines loss of aggregate from poor stabilization, frost boils and various low cost methods of improving secondary roads with existing materials.
22 min. 1989 VCR
16-7 Sta-Bilt and Bomag Recycling
Discusses the specialization of the Sta-Bilt company, which includes seal coat or armor coat, slurry sealing and slurry leveling, crack sealing and crack filling, base stabilization and surface recycling, super patch and dust abatement. Also discusses the advantages of bomag recycling.
16 min. N/A VCR
16-8 Soil Stabilization: Selecting the Modifier
Discusses steps in soil stabilization which include stabilization objective, selecting a stabilizer additive, construction and drainage. Goes into depth on four types of stabilizer additives.
20 min. N/A VCR
16-9 Seal-coating: A Matter of Science and Skill
Provides information on how to make seal-coating successful. Includes what needs to be done before the actual seal-coating and the actual process for seal-coating itself.
17 min. 1993 VCR
16-10 Send Your Road Dust Packing
This video demonstrates how soybean oil is used as an alternative to dust control. Discusses comparisons to other dust control applications, cost evaluation, and shows the results.
7 min. N/A VCR