Traffic Control

Library Item NumberTitle
DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
17-1 Developing Jobsite Traffic Control Plans
Discusses a nine step process to develop an effective and safe traffic control plan in a work zone.
21 min. N/A VCR
17-2 Freeway Incident Management
Video discusses ways to minimize traffic congestion when incidents or accidents occur on freeways or major roadways in urban and rural areas.
18 min. 1991 VCR
17-3 Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of Worksite Traffic Control Devices
Lists factors and guidelines for placement of traffic control devices to provide for the safety of the driver.
24 min. N/A VCR
17-4 Kansas DOT Traffic Count Data Collection Procedures
The Kansas DOT demonstrates how to use all the proper equipment and accessories needed to conduct a proper traffic count.
15 min. N/A VCR
17-5 Markings and Islands
Discusses the design and applications of pavement markings and islands.
19 min. N/A VCR
17-6 Nighttime Traffic Control
Discusses the difference between traffic control during the day and night.
18 min. 1989 VCR
17-7 Quick Change Movable Barrier
Introduces a technique of making HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes during the peak hours to help traffic congestion. Also discusses the machine used to move the barriers during these peak hours.
9 min. N/A VCR
17-8 Special Use traffic Controls
Gives description of special traffic controls not common to the regular driver. The video also gives conditions and the use of these special traffic controls.
17 min. N/A VCR
17-9 Traffic Controls for Schools, Railroad Crossings and Bicycle Facilities
Discusses traffic controls for these three areas which are in need of extra safety considerations.
24 min. N/A VCR
17-10 Technologies for Transportation
Discusses the advance of new technologies to provide for safer and more efficient traffic control.
15 min. 1992 VCR
17-11 Traffic Barriers
Video begins with a basic overview of when and why barriers are used. The rest of the video discusses installation and repairing W-Beam Wood and Steel Barriers and Traffic Barrier Terminals.
47 min. N/A VCR
17-12 Traffic Control: What Works?
The major objective of this video is to motivate public officials and members of the public to trust their engineers to develop reasonable, research-based traffic control strategies.
14 min. 1996 VCR