Unpaved Roads

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DurationYearAvailable Format(s)
18-1 Blading unpaved Roads
Video is designed to teach operator trainees to understand basic concepts of the construction and maintenance of unpaved roads, perform the required daily maintenance on a motor grader, and operate the grader to maintain unpaved roads.
22 min. 1988 VCR
18-2 Geo-textile Instillation on Gravel Roads
Video shows several installations of geo-textiles on Oklahoma gravel roads. It is used to correct soft roads, rutting, and wash-boarding conditions.
43 min. N/A VCR
18-3 Problems Associated with Gravel Roads
This video will help local agencies recognize common problems with gravel roads, understand the causes and learn how to prevent or correct them. The 3-parts discuss environment and materials; causes, prevention and correction of problems; and maintenance equipment and techniques.
55 min. N/A VCR
18-4 Maintaining Gravel Roads in Arkansas
Video discusses the various steps necessary to properly maintain a gravel or rock road — profile, drainage, and surface maintenance.
29 min. N/A VCR
18-5 Patching Unpaved Roads
A manual method is described for repairing surface defects such as potholes, ruts, gullies, and soft spots on unpaved roads. An eight-step procedure provides for a long lasting repair.
12 min. 1989 VCR
18-6 Re-graveling
Video discusses the planning and coordination to restore wearing surfaces. Noted are the repairs necessary prior to re-graveling. Equipment and materials are outlined.
18 min. 1989 VCR
18-7 Replenishing Earth and Gravel Shoulders
Nine work steps are covered on the restoration of gravel shoulders by adding new material.
19 min. 1989 VCR
18-8 Replenishing Earth and Gravel Shoulders
Video shows proper procedures for reshaping earth and gravel shoulders (without adding material), to correct shoulder drop-off, rutting, buildup of material, and excessive weed growth to maintain a safe shoulder with proper cross slope. Nine-steps are outlined, and tools and equipment are described.
15 min. 1989 VCR
18-9 Smoothing and Reshaping of Earth and Gravel Roads
Video has two parts: Smoothing and reshaping. Each part has an equipment requirement, an overview of work steps, and a work step summary. Planning and preparing the work, and checking the cross slopes at straight and curved sections are also covered.
21 min. 1989 VCR
18-10 Upgrading Gravel Roads
Worn out gravel roads are rebuilt with minimum costs. Shown are machinery, materials and methods used to build a trouble-free gravel road.
21 min. N/A VCR
18-11 Unsurfaced Road Inspection
Video explains how to inspect un-surfaced roads and how to rate roads for future maintenance or repair.
8 min. N/A VCR
18-12 Un-surfaced Road Management
Video explains how to set up an inspection and rating system to better judge what repair work needs to be done.
9 min. N/A VCR